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Exhibition „RealSurreal. Masterpieces of Avant-Garde Photography. Das Neue Sehen 1920-1950. Siegert Collection“ in the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg presents the exhibition „RealSurreal. Masterpieces of Avant-Garde Photography. Das Neue Sehen 1920-1950. Siegert Collection“ from November 15, 2014 until April 6, 2015.

Exhibition "RealSurreal. Masterpieces of Avant-Garde Photography. Das Neue Sehen 1920-1950. Siegert Collection" in the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Genia Rubin, Lisa Fonssagrives. Robe: Alix (Madame Grès), 1937

Is a photograph a true-to-life reproduction of reality, or is it merely a staged image? This year – the 175th anniversary of the invention of photography – the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg responds to this question with a comprehensive survey of avant-garde photography between 1920 and 1950. The exhibition, RealSurreal, presents around 200 masterpieces from the eminent Siegert Collection in Munich. This collection, which has never been shown in its entirety, contains photographs from the Neues Sehen („New Vision“) movement, covering everything from New Objectivity to Surrealism in Germany, France, and Czechoslovakia.

Opening with a prologue of exemplary nineteenth-century photographs, the exhibition will enable visitors to rediscover the broad range and the multiple facets of photography from the real to the surreal via rare original prints by notable photographers of the era. In addition, historical photography books and magazines, artists“ books, and examples of avant-garde cover designs will allow visitors to experience this new view of the world. A 45-minute loop featuring clips from key films by Luis Buouel, Lászlo Moholy-Nagy, Hans Richter, and others will also be shown continuously throughout the exhibition, examining the fruitful relationship between avant-garde photography and the-then contemporary cinema.

Image: Genia Rubin, Lisa Fonssagrives. Robe: Alix (Madame Gres), 1937, Silbergelatinepapier, 30,3 x 21,5 cm, Foto: Christian P. Schmieder / Sammlung Siegert, München, © Sheherazade Ter-Abramoff, Paris.

Bildrechte: © Sheherazade Ter-Abramoff, Paris

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg was opened in 1994 and can already look back at a unique history with numerous authoritative exhibitions and events. Within a brief period of time, it has been possible for the museum to position itself locally and find international recognition at the same time. The museum is dedicated to modern and contemporary art, combining diverse media ranging from painting, photography and sculpture and the new media to fashion and design. The striking modernist building located in the heart of the city presents temporary exhibitions as well as works from its own collection on 3,500 square meters.

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