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The company that will change the music business!

The company that will change the music business!

Battl Victory Records has been active in Switzerland since December 2015 and is now represented in Bavaria, Germany from November 2016 onwards. They introduce themselves here so that bands, singers and songwriters will contact you. Not only is the onlineshop, which contains not only downloads and accessories, but also own and band merchandise. These consist of clothing for both adults and young people, as well as for toddlers. Daniel Sejpka’s projects in the music sector are equally multifaceted. He wants to combine the styles of electro and rock, and to place his musicians on the charts in the world and to keep the Majorlabel’s fear. Mr. Sejpka is active not only in the pursuit of a label, but at the same time in a publishing house. On the 28th of October, he proved this by completing his diploma in the rights of the music business with bravura. Components of this training included legal assurance, GEMA calculation, tasks of the music publishers, profit determination and licensing, to name only a small extract. Furthermore, Battl Victory Records is affiliated to the Association of German Music Producers, which is regarded as an excellent seal of quality. The company will not only operate in the European area, but will also focus on the Great Pond. America, Canada as well as Australia are only a few countries which drives the record company. They are constantly on the lookout for unknown, talented musicians, who want to go through the industry both nationally and internationally. Further information is available to the interested reader on the website or in all popular social media portals.

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Battl Victory Records
Daniel Sejpka
Wieseneck 2
93351 Painten

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