Berliner Kunstsalon / RESET 2011

Date announced 2011

Dear ladies and gentlemen, artfriends and artlovers,

the following message provides updated information regarding the 08.“th BERLINER KUNSTSALON.

For the purpose of a best time placement, we have decided to organize this years BERLINER KUNSTSALON not parallel to the ART FORUM BERLIN. Considering the aimed character of the show, it makes more sense to take temporally place near the ‚abc – art berlin contemporary‘ and the „preview berlin“.

As a result of this temporally re-planing there are also some spatial changes:
The 08″th BERLINER KUNSTSALON will find it“s venue in the central exhibition hall of the „UFERHALLEN“.
First information regarding the space you may find here:

The participation-fee:

fixed price:
registration fee: 50, – EUR
floor space up to 50 qm: 500, – EUR

variable costs:
of 2 meters of exhibition-wall including transportation, construction, painting work and proper disposal: 200, – EUR

As we are not hot on expecting orders in terms of wall-construction, in consultation (and submission of planning idea and concept in matters of color, design and material) you may build own ‚attachments‘ for pictures.

If you are interested in further information please do not hesitate to give us a call.

All the best!

Niko Monique Krüger

07″th September till 11″th September 2011
Opening: 06″th September, 17 Uhr
Phone Tue-Fr, 11-15 Uhr
0049 – 30 – 40 50 41 74


Niko Monique Krüger
Kastanienalle 31
10435 Berlin