GATC Biotech provides worlds first full-length 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing service

GATC Biotech provides worlds first full-length 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing service

(Mynewsdesk) * High-throughput sequencing of full-length 16S rRNA genes
* Highest taxonomic resolution for characterisation of microbial communities down to species level
* Highly sensitive, accurate phylogenetic characterisation combiningPacBio’s SMRT® technology with optimised bioinformatics
Constance, Germany, 7th May 2015: GATC Biotech released a novel next generation sequencing (NGS) product for scientists exploring microbial diversity. The exclusive INVIEW Microbiome – High Specificity approach, based on sequencing of the whole 16S rRNA gene, enables the characterisation of microbial communities of any complexity down to the species level. The new product adds to GATC Biotech’s rapidly expanding INVIEWTM portfolio of pre-designed NGS solutions, already home to the popular INVIEW Microbiome – Profiling 2.0 service.

“Our new INVIEW Microbiome – High Specificity product is based on high-throughput sequencing of full-length 16S rRNA gene amplicons. Analysis of more relevant information means that we can now better separate bacteria that differ outside of the hypervariable regions targeted by INVIEW Microbiome-Profiling 2.0.”, said Dr. Markus Schmitt, researcher and product developer at GATC Biotech.

INVIEW Microbiome – High Specificity is based on the notion that with a length of about 1,500 base pairs, the full 16S rRNA gene is a perfect candidate for SMRT sequencing with the PacBio RS II system, housed within GATC Biotech’s own laboratory. Indeed, high quality ultra-long reads can be generated from 16S rRNA amplicons, allowing for phylogenetic characterisation and semi-quantification of microbial communities with high resolution, sensitivity and reliability. An optimised bioinformatics pipeline, including a manually curated reference database, additionally contributes to the delivery of fast, comprehensive results to customers.

“Because this is a NGS-based method, we can detect fine differences between microorganisms even when they are present at very low densities. Even more, there is no need for cultivation, cloning or other limiting steps typically encountered in Sanger sequencing,” added Dr. Schmitt.

The INVIEW Microbiome – High Specificity product is applicable to many research objectives. From health maintenance to environment and energy challenges to food microbiology, the new product is posed for providing detailed answers to key questions on microbial diversity.


GATC Biotech, a family-owned business, is Europe’s leading service provider of DNA and RNA sequencing. For over two decades, the company has offered sequencing and bioinformatics solutions from single samples up to large scale projects. During this time, GATC Biotech has sequenced more than six million samples, ten thousands of bacterial, plant and other whole genomes, as well as hundreds of whole human genomes. The company offers true multiplatform sequencing using all leading sequencing technologies in its own labs. Its headquarter in Constance, Germany houses its ISO 17025 certified Genome and Diagnostic Centre focusing on next and third generation sequencing. The European Custom Sequencing Centre located in Cologne, Germany focuses on Sanger sequencing. This advantageous location ensures fast and efficient logistics. All laboratories have highly integrated and fully automated processing pipelines, ensuring full compliance with latest state-of-the-art quality standards. Please visit for more information.

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GATC Biotech ist Europas führender Anbieter von Sequenzierdienstleistungen und Bioinformatik. Seit mehr als zwei Jahrzehnten entwickelt das Familienunternehmen innovative und komplette Lösungen rund um DNA- und RNA-Sequenzierung, inklusive der bioinformatischen Auswertung. Die Aufträge aus Industrie und akademischer Forschung reichen dabei von einzelnen DNA-Proben bis hin zu komplexen Genomprojekten. Bis heute hat GATC Biotech über 6 Millionen Proben sequenziert, darunter zehntausende Genome von Pflanzen, Bakterien und anderen Organismen sowie hunderte von menschlichen Genomen.

Als zertifizierter Agilent und Illumina Service Provider bieten GATC Biotech Sequenzierungen auf allen führenden Technologien in den unternehmenseigenen Laboren an. Das nach ISO 17025 zertifizierte Genom und Diagnostic Centre mit Schwerpunkt auf der Next Generation Sequenzierung befindet sich im Firmenhauptsitz des Unternehmens in Konstanz. Köln bietet als logistische Drehscheibe den idealen Standort für das hauseigene Labor der Sanger Sequenzierung. Voll automatisierte Prozesse aller Labore garantieren die Einhaltung neuester und hochmodernster Qualitätsstandards. Weiterführende Informationen finden Sie auf der Firmenwebseite


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