International Days of the Nyckelharpa at Castle BURG FÜRSTENECK

Workshops for “Playing Nyckelharpa in English, German, Swedish, Spanish, Italian and French”

International Days of the Nyckelharpa at Castle BURG FÜRSTENECK

International Days of the Nyckelharpa

For the ninth time, the Academy CASTLE FÜRSTENECK, centrally located in Germany and Europe, from 4 to 7 October 2012 invites to the International Days of the Nyckelharpa. About 70 Nyckelharpa players from many nations are expected. The well preserved castle from the Middle Ages with modern classrooms and accommodation for the participants provides optimum conditions for this unique musical event.

The “nyckelharpa” is a bowed musical instrument with keys to change the pitch. Resonating sympathetic strings contribute to the unique sound. Since the Middle Ages images of the instrument are to be found in many European countries. But from the late Baroque period, it was only played and developed in a small area in Sweden as a folk instrument. For some time, the nyckelharpa is being discovered by more and more musicians all over the world and used in many different genres.

During the International Days of the Nyckelharpa this musical breadth, which is suitable for this unusual string instrument, is represented in parallel workshops. With Ditte Andersson and Magnus Holmström, two of the most distinguished teachers from Sweden will teach the Swedish tradition up to the very latest developments. Ana Alcaide of Spain, who just now with her own ensembles moves into the whole globe, will be teaching, early music of the Iberian Peninsula. The Italian Marco Ambrosini, living in Germany, was one of the first professional musicians outside Sweden to make the nyckelharpa his main instrument. He dedicates his workshop this year on contemporary music and improvisation. Didier Francois from Belgium and France shows advanced players his new developments for polyphonic playing the nyckelharpa.

Also novices and little experienced beginners are very welcome on the nyckelharpa days. On request instruments available for rent. Differentiated instruction for them is given by Jule Bauer, whose manual is for playing on the nyckelharpa just to be made print-ready, and Johannes Mayr (both from Germany). Johannes among others contributes to the development of nyckelharpa with its own instruments.

The history of the instrument and the different types can be seen in an exhibition made by Holger Funke (Germany) and Olle Plahn (Sweden). Oh for small repairs on site, the two are prepared. People, who want to buy a nyckelharpa can meet several builders, see a lot of instruments and get all kind of information to make their decision.

Guests like Esbjörn Hogmark, instrument maker and one of the major promoters of the nyckelharpa in Sweden will enrich the program with short workshops and first-hand information. On Friday evening, a conference on the latest developments of the nyckelharpa and the international cooperation is planned. On Saturday evening, 6 October 2012, at 20:30 pm a public workshop concert of participants of the European nyckelharpa training will be played.

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