International “World Handshake Day”, June 21st 2011

A day for inspiration and international relationships. This year, international artists and cultural authorities will initiate the “World Handshake Day” again.
International "World Handshake Day", June 21st 2011

June 21st 2011 is coming up the third “World Handshake Day”. The
international artist Werner Szendi from Austria will also participate
for this project again.

Aim of the WHD Project is the symbolic transfer of love, gratitude, and
positive energy to earth and all its living beings. You may contribute
by going with your family or friends to the sea, a river or even a
stream and placing your joined hands in the body of water. The global
connection of all people is also a focus of the “World Handshake Day”.
This year the projects goal is to reach even more people all over the
world. To achieve this, Szendi initiated a Facebook site. He hopes that
by creating this virtual community, even school classes and
kindergartens will start to conduct the project, which is a creative
ground for individual ideas within the main task. Furthermore the social
network provides a platform to collect and save the results of these
little activities. Werner Szendi isn’t just an important supporter, he
also designed the event’s emblem.

The originalpicture is owned by the founder Ivan Zupa. Shown are two
figures. The logo is intended to render symbolically the unity of all
people. Figures, the earth and the water, forming a common unit.

As a child, Ivan Zupa, was told by a wise man “My son, give your hand
into the sea and you are connected with the whole world”. Upon
remembering his words, Zupa decided to create the tradition “World
Handshake Day” as a way of preserving and passing on the philosophy
shared with him by the man. Since that time, there will be always a
“World Handshake Day”.

Werner Szendi
Bergsteiggasse 24/7
A-1170 Wien
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Bode Relations
Andreas Bode
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