Jazz CD Release Hammer Klavier Trio “Rocket in the Pocket”

The Hammer Klavier Trio releases new album “Rocket In The Pocket” on Jan Matthies Records.

Jazz CD Release Hammer Klavier Trio "Rocket in the Pocket"

CD Cover Hammer Klavier Trio – Rocket In The Pocket

The Hammer Klavier Trio (HKT) is one of Germany”s premiere jazz piano trios. In fact they are the only jazz act from Germany that ever has been nominated for an award by the American Jazz Journalists Association (JJA) – “Best Video of the Year” in 2010. Having played a lot in Germany and Europe this nomination meant a lot to them and they put in all efforts to do a 1-week tour in New York City, USA in June 2011. The HKT played the JJA Awards Gala, Small’s Jazz Club, Miles Café, the Garage, Puppet’s in Brooklyn and the German General Consulate. Rocket in the Pocket features the music of their award nominated (live) video in studio quality.

The liner notes were written by Howard Mandel, president of the Jazz Journalists Association: “The Hammer Klavier Trio is jazz as it lives and breathes today. Three bright musicians use acoustic and electric instruments in a fun and unfussy concoction of classical jazz and contemporary rhythms that feels right for this moment.”

Especially for the new CD Exaktfilm filmed a new video which is presented on the homepage of the Hammer Klavier Trio www.hammerklaviertrio.com

Official Release Date for “Rocket In The Pocket” is November 26, 2012.
The CD is being released on Jan Matthies Records.

1. Hysterioso 4:01
2. A Sketch In Dark Colours 5:01
3. Suicide Train 5:39
4. Tekla 4:23
5. Plan B 5:33
6. Play Me A Fugue 4:28
7. Rocket In The Pocket 3:30
8. The Incredible Atmosphere Of Andrew Hill”s Music 5:42
9. Take Fifteen 5:22
10. Desert Sun 6:40
11. Kaleidoscope 3:19
12. Harold Mabern 4:29

All tracks composed by:
Boris Netsvetaev
Total playing time: 58:07

Boris Netsvetaev: piano and keyboards
Philipp Steen: acoustic and electric bass
Kai Bussenius: drums and percussion

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