Old securities created history

Interview with Matthias Schmitt / AuctionLot
Old securities created history

Matthias Schmitt, who heads one of the leading auction houses HWPH AG considers old stocks and bonds to be documents that have historic significance on a national scale. He tells about certain peculiarities of the securities of past ages within the scope of his exclusive interview AuctionLot.

In former times stock certificates had an important function – they advertised the enterprise where they were issued. “That is why,” – Mr. Schmitt says. – “they were beautifully painted.” In addition to that, the goal or the mission of the enterprise was usually placed most prominently.

The expert also notes the indissoluble link of the securities design with the historical events occurring in the state. A lot of global inventions took place only owing to this kind of contributions. Enterprises received substantial financial support and implemented their ideas through the establishment of joint-stock companies.

The process of collecting securities, the hoppy is called Scripophily, began in the 19th century in the USA. Roland M. Smith, a former broker, is considered to be the father of this trend of collecting. The first official thematic auctions were registered only in 1970s. Nowadays, they operate in most regions of Germany and in other European countries.

“The old securities collectors are mostly people involved in the financial field – bank and stock exchange officials, as well as those who got rich through the investments in stocks,” Mr. Schmitt concludes. According to the expert, today the annual turnover of the auctions in this field makes up 3 to 4 million euros. 3 or 4 thousand collectors are engaged in regular replenishing of their collections in the old securities market.

Old securities from Mexico, China, Australia, Brazil and Russia are especially popular. The value of such collectibles is determined by the level of modern economy and national stock trades development.

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